"The Professor" recommends that the following steps be taken in order to get the best exam results.
  • Please "fast" for 12 hours prior to your exam! (No solid foods, no coffee, tea or orange juice. Water is fine.)
  • Plan your food intake carefully for several days prior to your exam.  Avoid rich foods or those with large amounts of sugar.
  • Your exam should be done when you are under the least pressure and completely rested.  For most people, this means in the morning.
  • Do not drink alcohol for one day prior to your exam.
  • Salt should be avoided for three to four days prior to your exam. In doing this, it should have a beneficial effect on your blood pressure readings.
  • Please do not smoke for at least 3 hours prior to your exam.
  • Get a good night's sleep!  Proper preparation can save time and money for you.
  • Refresh your memory on dates and doctor's names of past medical history. A recently issued life insurance policy may be helpful.  The insurance company will contact your personal physician.

You should plan on 30 - 60 minutes for a full exam.

There is absolutely no cost to you for this exam. The examination will be done by a qualified professional examiner (PARA-MEDIC, R.N., or M.D.)  The results of your exam are available to you at no charge, upon request.

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